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At Bliss we keep records on services carried out on our clients. We hold special events, send out vouchers and like to inform you of special offers. Please help us to help you get the most from your time with us. We like to ask every client questions about their likes, dislikes and expectations. Feel free to fill in any of the following:

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How did you hear about bliss??

I liked the look of the salonAdvert (which publication) ...FacebookOnline search engine / GoogleBliss WebsiteI was recommended by ..Other (please state) ...
Additional Information:

1) What do you want to achieve from your visit today?

Maintain my existing lookInspire MeMake me more fashionableMake me 10 years youngerI want a total makeoverOther ....

2) How open are you to a change of style, on a scale from 1 - 10?

( 1-4 = A trim 5-7 = Open to change but keep the length 8-9 = Do what you like within reason 10 = Do what you want)

3) What tools you use to style your hair. List any others below

Hair DryerIronsRound BrushFlat BrushFingersCurling WandRollersOthers (please specify)

4) Approximately how much time you spend daily styling your hair after shampooing?

5 mins or less15 mins30 minsOther (please specify)

5) Please tick below the types of products you use and add any others:

ShampooConditionerMousseGelWaxSerumHairsprayCremeOthers ...

6) List below what you currently like / dislike about your hair type / colour / style etc

7) Are you affected by any of the below?

Static HairDry HairOily Hair & ScalpDifficult to StyleTangled HairColour FadeFrizzDandruffLimp HairItchy ScalpSplit EndsDull HairToo ThickThinning Hair

Please give details:

8) Have you ever had an allergic reaction to any of the below in the past or since your last visit?

CosmeticsHair Colour / ProductsHenna TattoosSensitive SkinOther ...
Please give details: