A Guide to Hair Care during Pregnancy from Bliss Hair in Loughborough and Nottingham

It’s an exciting time for Mum’s to be, you are expecting a baby and there is so much to look forward to, pregnancy is a wonderful experience but it can have its fair share of challenges.

Some pregnant women will sail through their experience whilst others may suffer with pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn and swollen ankles.


At Bliss Hairdressers we recognise that pregnancy and fluctuating hormones can also change your hair. You may decide to have a change in hairstyle, or even ask the question can I colour my hair when pregnant? Are chemicals safe on pregnant women? And should pregnant women perm their hair? If you are in any doubt speak to your GP with any pregnancy issues or concerns.

Can I Colour My Hair When Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

The NHS say that most research into colouring your hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding generally shows that it is safe to colour your hair when pregnant as the level of chemical coming into contact with your scalp is low

You can read the official guidelines for colouring your hair when pregnant from the NHS here

If you decide to colour your hair during pregnancy why not consider highlights, lowlights or even semi permanent dyes rather than having a full head of hair colour, these treatments will have less contact with your skin and create fewer chemical fumes. Talk to your hairdresser at Bliss Hair for the best advice on hair care during pregnancy

Pregnancy Hair Problems

Some women notice that they get much thicker, longer and glossier hair during pregnancy, this is great news! The reason for this is the increased levels of oestrogen which prolongs the hair growth phase. During pregnancy some women may also experience other changes including changes in hair texture or hair moisture levels, it may even become greasier or dry and brittle, your hairdresser at Bliss Hair can give you the best advice for the right shampoo and conditioner for your changing hair during pregnancy. There are various ways of caring for your hair during pregnancy giving you that wonderful, healthy look!

Here at Bliss Hair we can help you find the perfect hairstyle for you during your pregnancy and perhaps advise you on a change of hairstyle after the birth of your baby, when time is at a premium and you may want an easier style to manage while still looking great!

You may well think you need a change of hairstyle during your pregnancy, but remember your hormones are ‘all over the place’ so speak to your hair stylist before you decide to make any drastic hairstyle change during pregnancy. If you are pregnant with long hair you can always experiment by putting your hair up and still look gorgeous! You could try it in a plait, a pony tail or just a casual upstyle! Our stylists at Bliss Hair can show you great ways of managing long hair without taking ages and still make you look fab!

Hair Ideas For New Mums

Congratulations, your baby has arrived and the very last thing on your mind is your hair! Many new mums want a quick and easy hairstyle. Speak to any new Mum who has gone through the baby stage and she’ll tell you that having time for yourself and taking the time to maintain a basic hair and beauty regime can make all the difference to how you feel. Hair upstyles are great for busy Mums. Try your hair in a pony tail, a plait or a bun ring to create professional looking hair, or you might even want to opt for a shorter hairstyle for a busy Mum. Keep up to date with regular hair appointments allowing some time for yourself to boost your confidence as you look and feel great. At your next appointment at Bliss Hair don’t forget to rebook before you leave and give yourself a little hair or beauty treat to look forward to.

Pregnancy Hair At Bliss Hair, Loughborough Or Nottingham

If you are looking for a salon to relax and be pampered whilst pregnant then join us at Bliss Hair, or if you are looking for pregnancy gift ideas why not purchase some hair and beauty products

To book a pregnancy hair appointment at Bliss Hair Salon call us on 01509 210788 – Loughborough or 0115 9626232 – Nottingham or book on line here


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