Hairstyle Tips to Complement Your Face Shape

Hair Cuts and Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes from Bliss Hair, Nottingham and Loughborough

If we were to ask you the following question;

"What is your face shape?"

Would you know the answer without looking in a mirror?  No, don't worry not many people do!  As expert hair stylists, Bliss Hair often have the pleasure of letting our clients know what face shape they are for the very first time.  It's always fun to sit together in our one to one consultations and let our clients know what face shape they are, and most importantly what hairstyles and haircuts will suit different face shapes and why.  Our clients are always very interested in this and it's not uncommon to watch them go on to observe other clients in the salon, wondering what their face shapes are and what styles will suit them.

Once you know your face shape, then you can really begin to create the right hair cut and hairstyle for you as an individual that will balance and enhance your facial features.

So, which face shape are you?


Hair Cuts and Hairstyles to Flatter a Round Face

Those with a round face shape can be identified by their soft, rounded foreheads and chins coupled with their wide full cheeks.  Rounder face shapes also benefit from looking youthful so if a round, full shape if yours then rest in the knowledge that your face probably appears younger than the years on your birth certificate!

The best hairstyles for round face shapes are ones which have width or height to balance out the roundness of the face.  Adele's sky high beehive is a great example of a hairstyle for a round face, the height of her upstyle creates length against her round face shape.  You could also try adding width in the form of waves and curls, at a level just under the cheekbones or even use a statement fringe to draw the eye away from the roundness of the cheeks like Ginnifer Goodwin here.

Hair Styles and Hair Cuts for Long Face Shapes

A long face shape is characterised by faces that appear longer than wider.  Long face shapes usually have a large forehead and long chin so the key to creating the best hairstyle for a long face shape is width.  More width = counterbalance against the long face shape.  Width can be achieved by cutting short and long layers from the ears to the chin and styling with waves and curls helps to create the wideness of the style.  Generally, long straight hair is best avoided as are centre partings as they draw the eye line down the centre, most longest point of the face.  If you can't face chopping your long hair, you could always take inspiration from Kate Beckinsale and cut a long, blunt fringe to break up the length of a long face shape.

Hairstyles for long face shapes include curly, voluminous waves but also think about adding width at either the side of the head with a bun or chignon style or create a wide style just above the nape at the back like Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Best Hair Cuts and Styles for Heart Shaped Faces

Heart shape faces are usually identified by the widow's peak hair line on the forehead, as proudly displayed by Kourtney Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe.  A widow's peak coupled with a pointy chin gives the impression of a heart and is a face shape that appears friendly.  Some clients at Bliss Hair, Nottingham & Loughborough prefer to disguise their widow's peak hairline and so in those cases we recommend fringes like Reese Witherspoon here to completely hide the hair line.

The best hairstyles for heart shaped faces include layers cut just around the chin area to bring width around the narrow point of the chin.  Marilyn Monroe's signature short wavy and glamorous hairstyle helped to balance out her features.  Also fringes that have been cut longer at the sides tend to bring the wider forehead area in a little to the eye.

Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes

Square face shapes appear strong and angular.  Some of the biggest figures in history had square faces, projecting an image of power, strength and resilience.  If you want to play to these characteristics and want to appear bold and strong then do as Demi Moore has done, keep your hairstyle simple, sleek and long and really emphasise your square jaw.

If you want to balance out your square face shape, the best hairstyles for square faces include those that can create length and width to counterbalance the angular effect of the square jawline.  An angular bob with longer pieces at the front, just above the collar bone creates length and detracts from the jaw.  Graduated long layers like Gwyneth Paltrow's hairstyle and keeping the hair close to the face will soften a strong jawline.  Soft loose waves round the face like Keira Knightley here have a diffusing effect.

A side swept fringe is also a great hair cut for a square face shape as it also helps soften a square jaw.  Try not to go for anything blunt and strong as this will only accentuate the strength of a square face shape.

Hairstyles for Oval Face Shapes

If you have an oval face shape, congratulations! You're considered to have the perfect face shape and the hair cut and hairstyle possibilities are endless.  Oval face shapes are perfectly balanced with an even forehead and chin.  Oval face shapes are so well proportioned that when deciding on the best hair cut and hairstyle for oval face shapes, consider those that keep hair away from the face and show off your features.

Whether you have short hair, mid length hair or long hair, oval face shapes can carry off hairstyles and haircuts from any length.  Just avoid fringes and any haircut that brings the hair forward, after all you don't want to cover up that perfect face shape do you?!

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