Bliss Hair Colour Policy

Protecting The Health of Your Hair at Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough


At Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough, we will always be honest and transparent about what is realistically achievable with your hair. We use our detailed consultations both in the salon and online to ensure that our stylists know EXACTLY what you're looking for and can provide their expert advice on your hair colour. 

Our professional colour services require varying levels of commitment from clients to maintain your hair colour in between salon visits.

Please heed our advice and read the following information to prolong your hair colour results and avoid disappointment.

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Tell Us Your Hair's Life Story

Be honest with us regarding previous colour applications, allergies, your lifestyle or if you’ve used an at home box colour.

We can then make the right hair colour decision for you and tailor our at home hair care advice to ensure your colour looks fab in between salon visits.

Skin Testing - Hair Colour Safety at Bliss Hair Salons

Patch testing is a vital part of our safe colour service at Bliss Hair Salons.

If you have had a break from the salon of over 6 months, or have any medical changes, we will need to test you again.

We do not patch test for bleach. If you feel more discomfort than a gentle tingling during or after your bleaching appointment you MUST make us aware of this as soon as possible.

Toners - What You Need to Know

Toning is the most important part of the colour process.

Toners add the colour into your hair after the bleaching process to give you the shade you desire. Toners are also used to add shine to natural hair without affecting the colour, creating a glossing effect. 

Your Bliss stylist can create a custom hair gloss for you - it’s like a lip gloss for the hair (clear or otherwise), boosting the condition while adding shine.

Maintaining Your Hair Colour at Home

The Bliss team will help you choose a take-home shampoo, conditioner or mask which has toner incorporated to refresh your hair colour.

To maintain your salon fresh colour we would advise only washing your hair once or twice per week.

Pigmented masks can be used at home to freshen up your colour and condition your hair between salon appointments. We sell Wella Colour Fresh Masks or your Bliss stylist can mix a bespoke take home colour mask for you from £15.70

Toner or Hair Colour Fade? 

It's a fact of life, all toners and hair colours will fade.

Many commercial shampoos, heated styling tools and even the sun can fade professional hair colour.  To keep your colour as fresh as possible, we recommend that you use as little heat as possible, including cool water.

If your hair does not have the ability to hold colour or you do not follow our recommendations for at home colour maintenance, this is not the fault of our colour products or colourists.

Bleach - The Lowdown

Bleach removes pigment in the hair to make the hair lighter, it is not a hair colour.

Please follow our recommended after-care precautions to avoid compromising the condition of your hair.  For optimum results, we recommend that you bleach your roots every 6 weeks. If you wait for longer than 6 weeks for your bleach appointment, you may experience bands of colour where the roots are left too long before re-colouring.  This means they don’t lift as bright/clean and need a more technical service for a better lift.

OLAPLEX - Saving Your Hair One Treatment at a Time

Olaplex can be added to your colour formula to repair & strengthen your hair, preparing it for the lightening process.

Olaplex is essential to some hair colour services and we often will not proceed with it.

If your hair is beyond repair, Olaplex will show us the damaged hair more easily so that we can cut it out to avoid further damage.

Staining From Hair Colour

Some colours will stain the hair and hairline and staining is not entirely avoidable in some cases.

For the first few days please watch out for staining on your bath robes, pillows, towels etc.

Changed Your Mind?

If you change your mind about the haircut or colour that was agreed at your consultation, we can advise you regarding your new requirements & any costs involved.

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