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The Best Hair Extensions at Bliss Hair Salons in Loughborough & Nottingham

When it comes to hair extensions in Loughborough and Nottingham, Bliss Hair have long been regarded as the experts in bonded, weft and clip in hair extensions. We stock only the best hair extensions from Beauty Works and Racoon International.

 Beauty Works hair extensions at Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and Loughboroughracoon international



Weft Hair Extensions for Longer, Thicker Hair – Hair Salons in Loughborough & Nottingham

weft hair extensions in nottingham and loughboroughBliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough can fix your hair extensions and cause no damage to your hair.  

Our micro weft and LA weave weft extensions are fixed without glue, braiding or heat.  They will give you thicker, fuller and longer hair 

Theses wefts sit flat to the head and, with good care and maintenance, can last up to three months.  


Bonded Hair Extensions at Bliss Hair Salons, Nottingham & Loughborough

We only use the ‘Gucci’  of hair extensions – Racoon International and Beauty Works are globally known as the ultimate luxury brands of human hair extensions.

Available in the finest quality double drawn, remy, virgin hair, these beautiful bonded hair extensions are the celebrity choice when it comes to hair extensions

These hair extensions are 100% ethically sourced and not chemically treated before being donated. The protective layer of the cuticle is still intact and facing the same direction root to tip, ensuring natural shine and tangle-free hair, with all the shorter hairs removed to keep all hair lengths the same. The result is gorgeous, thick, full hair.  

HAIR EXTENSIONS AT BLISS HAIR SALONS, NOTTINGHAM, LOUGHBOROUGHbonded hair extensions at bliss hairdressers in loughborough and nottingham







Hair Extensions Packages in Loughborough & Nottingham – Bliss Hairdressing Salons

The team at Bliss hair will guide you through the various hair extension packages to suit your hair needs, your lifestyle and the look you want to create, by doing a complimentary consultation.

All methods of hair extensions are fitted by our accredited stylist only. To find out which Hair Extensionist is best for you and for your consultation please call your desired salon below. 


Hair Extensions Prices at Bliss Salons in Loughborough & Nottingham

Please note that the prices given below are the start prices for hair extensions.  Every client has different needs when it comes to their hair and your hair extensions service will be specially tailored to you.  We will, therefore, be able to give you a firm price for your hair extensions during your detailed consultation.   Once you decide to go ahead, we will require a deposit to secure your appointment and to allow us to purchase the perfect hair extensions for you.

Weft hair extensions from £50 

Pre-bonded hair extensions from £300 

Hot bonded hair extensions from £400 (Racoon International accredited stylist only)




Click on the image (left) to see more of our hair extensions transformations at our Bliss hair salons in Nottingham and Loughborough.