Fashion Hair Colours

Creative Hair Colour at Bliss Hair, Loughborough & Nottingham


We are experts when it comes to hair colour so if you see a creative colour that you would like, or you want the latest ombré or balayage technique, you are in good hands at Bliss Hair.

The ombré or balayage look is a dip dyed effect where the ends of your hair are coloured lighter than the root area. It’s a bespoke look that we tailor to each client’s hairstyle and personal requirements.

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Originally this was a look that had a distinct line between the two hair colours, but today we can achieve just about any look you want from subtle to dramatic. 

One of the most popular looks at Bliss Hair is for a subtle balayage. By offering a seamless blend from the colour at your root to the shade on the ends, you end up with a more natural and delicate finish.

There are many versions of the ombré that work on different hair tones or hair lengths.  The Root Stretch, for example, works particularly well on short hair as we can weave panels of different colour through your hair to give a two toned effect.   

Stone washed hair colours also continue to be popular.  Using Freelights we can create stone-washed blondes and brunettes that look effortlessly cool.  This gives you sun-kissed hair colour that looks as if it’s been created after a couple of weeks in the sun and sea!

Try Bliss Hair Salon’s Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment – Help In A Bottle For Coloured Hair

If you are considering a fashion hair colour, we’d highly recommend you get it done by an expert at Bliss Hair.  Hair dye disasters at home are quite common so please visit us for help and advice if you have experienced a hair colour problem.  We can even improve the quality of your hair by applying the fantastic Olaplex treatment which repairs and cares for your hair during the colouring process.

Now check out some of these fashion hair colour effects created in our Bliss Hair salons.