Hair Models required – for staff training

Hair models required at all our salons

We are looking for patient, open minded, time rich people (male & female) of all ages to receive hairdressing services for a small charge at our weekly training school. All sessions are supervised by a member of our senior team or a guest stylist & are accredited up to NVQ 3. Please allow plenty of time for your appointment as all treatments are carried out by our trainees & will therefore take longer. A deposit secures your appointment.


Check this week’s availability & claim your appointment at the bottom of the page…


Ladies Cut & blow-dry – £10.50

Gents Cut & blow-dry – £5.50

Buzz/Clipper Dry Cut – £3.00

Children Dry cut – £4.50

BLOW/CURLS/UP 2GO regular/shorter – £5.50 BLOW/CURLS/UP 2GO 2GO medium/longer – £7-£10


All over colour – regular/shorter £10.50, med/long/thick £16.00
Roots & Refresh – regular regrowth £10.50, med/large/thick regrowth £16.00
Colour touch – regular/shorter £10.50, med/long/thick £21.00
Bleach roots & toner – regular/shorter £16.00, med/large/thick regrowth £21.00
All over bleach & toner – regular/shorter £21.00, medium/large thick regrowth £26.00
Highlights/Foils/Creative Half head highlights – regular/shorter £21.00, medium/longer/thicker £26.00
Full head highlights – regular/shorter £26.00, medium/longer/thicker £31.00
Toner (1/2 tube) – regular/shorter £5.50, medium/longer/thicker £11.00
Fabuloso/Perfecton (temporary colour)- £5/£10 Repair Treatment – £3.50/£6.50 





Some services may not always be available & are subject to availability.
Please be aware that this is a training session & therefore not suitable for those seeking a discounted experience & service on par with that in our salons during normal opening hours.
Models pay with their time & patience & therefore receive services at a reduced rate.
All prices are approximate – longer/thicker hair may be extra.
A skin test is required 48 hours prior to colour services.
A deposit is required for all appointments & is refunded or offset from your bill on the day you attend.
If appointments are not kept or cancelled deposit is non refundable.
We cannot always accommodate your friends in our waiting area so please come for your appointment by yourself.
Basic refreshments are available.

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