Bliss Inclusivity Policy

Celebrating Inclusivity at Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough

Bliss owner Nick Tedd began his hairdressing career in the early 1980s with a passion and flair for hairdressing and making everyone feel welcome in his salons. This desire to include all has been the foundation of the Bliss ethos for 40 years! 

The whole team has contributed to the makeup of the Bliss salons and what we stand for. The Team Bliss values and beliefs align, and are the foundation the company is built on and what we will always advocate. 

We Listen, We Care, We Advise

At Bliss we don't judge people based on colour, age, race, religion, ability, size, shape, looks, gender or sexual orientation. Bliss salons are safe spaces for everyone & our focus is to give you the best ideas for your hair with a team of real people with real talent - that's real Bliss!

We promise to listen to you, care about your needs & requirements & give you the best advice for your hair cut, colour & styling.

Let Us Make You Feel Blissful!

We have created a judgement-free space where we celebrate what makes you uniquely you. We will always deliver the same level of expertise and care in every service, for everybody, at all times.  Please let us know when booking whether you would like to be addressed by a certain pronoun.

Beauty and Sustainability at Bliss

Alongside being fabulous humans, Team Bliss are also accomplished hairdressers who will create a wonderful hair cut, style or colour for you. We work with the best hair products and strive to use and recommend, wherever possible, products that are cruelty-free and free from harmful chemicals. 

We also offer a wide range of refillable products, from shampoos to take home colour bomb masks. We are committed to reducing our plastic waste and so offer a "refill while you wait" service with our EVO products. 

If you require organic or vegan products, please talk to us so we can make absolutely sure we can meet your needs. 

We Are Hearing Loss Inclusive Salons

Owner Nick Tedd lives with hearing loss, so this is something that is close to our hearts at Bliss! Nick & Bliss work closely with many organisations - Nick is on the board of Trustees & is an activist, volunteer & campaigner for Hear Together & The National Association of Deafened People. 

Not only this, but one of our amazing colour technicians on the Bliss team, Natasha, is deaf and has a cochlear implant fitted. She uses speech and lip reading to communicate with the rest of the team and clients within the salon. Not only that, but Natasha is fluent in BSL & working with the team across all three salons to help Nick provide deaf awareness training and teach them basic British Sign Language. If you would like a BSL consultation we can arrange this over WhatsApp or video messenger prior to your appointment. 

If you are deaf or have hearing loss and struggle to find a salon to accommodate your needs, please contact us & we will be happy to welcome you and give you the hair cut & colour that you've been looking for!

Here is a link to our online consultation form to help you get started:

Online Consultation, Hair Salons, Nottingham & Loughborough

Bliss Free Roam Policy

We would like to remind all clients about Bliss being a free roaming salon group. Our priority is that our clients are happy. Whether you are a regular or new client to Bliss & you would like to try one of our other stylists or salons, we promise not to be offended. Perhaps you have seen one of our stylists in action or liked a hairstyle they created on our social media pages. Maybe you have an event to attend and your regular stylist is on holiday or if you are on a budget we can book you with a lower level stylist to meet your needs. It’s our mission to accommodate you, so it’s ok to freely roam at Bliss & book with whoever you like here. 

Silent/Relaxed Appointments

Have you ever had anxiety about the thought of going to the hairdressers? 

We don’t forget about how our clients feel trying somewhere new. 

A few of our clients have opened up to us and told us how they feel sometimes judged in other places, that they don’t fit a certain mould that matches theirs, a bit uncomfortable or out of place and we would just like the opportunity to say that really anyone is welcome here!

We have silent services also for those who don’t want to chat, whether you just want to have some you time or are not up for the small talk it’s all good! We just talk in consultation, make a plan, talk aftercare and get cracking. 

We just want everyone to feel safe, have a good time (in whichever way you see this as) and be comfortable. No judgement here!  

Love Team Bliss xx 

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