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Hair Colour at Bliss Hair Salons, Loughborough & Nottingham

HAIR COLOUR AT BLISS HAIR SALONS NOTTINGHAM AND LOUGHBOROUGHYears of training, decades of experience and bucketloads of passion, creativity and talent all go into creating the perfect hair colour for our customers. 

You can rest easy knowing that our highly trained hair colour professionals are experts in their field.   They will advise on the best hair colours and hair colour techniques that will ensure you walk out of Bliss with the most amazing hair colour.

As part of our service we will offer you a complimentary hair colour consultation where we can discuss the look you want us to create.

Please note:  A skin test if required 48 hours prior to your colour service.  You can find out more information about our skin testing procedure here. 


Get the latest hair colour looks! 

Whether it’s the latest ombre or balayage colour or highlights to brighten up your hair colour, the colour experts at Bliss will help you find the perfect look for you.  We can also cover up grey hair and tackle root regrowth with regular follow-up hair colour appointments.  

Areas We Cover

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Mansfield... and further afield!

Which Hair Colour Technique is Right for Me? 

Choosing which hair colouring technique is best for you can be rather confusing, especially if this is your first time colouring your hair. The Bliss team are here to help which is why we’ve put together a helpful hair colour guide to help you choose the right technique for you.  Remember, we offer free hair colour consultations so book in now to get the perfect hair colour for you!

Colour Regrowth

Want to get rid of a few grey hairs or disguise those dark roots? Book in to have your regrowth covered or your T-section coloured.  We can blend your roots or pesky grey hairs in with the rest of your hair colour and give our hue renewed depth and shine.

Sample Foils, Partial Foils & Full Head of Foils

Sample foils can be used to add hair colour precisely where you want it, whether that’s a flash of colour in the fringe or hair parting.  With sample foils, up to 8 foils are woven or sliced into your hair to create a dramatic or subtle look – it’s up to you and the look you desire! A few cleverly placed foil highlights can refresh your existing hair colour, or even help to contour your hair.

If you’re after slightly more colour, ask for partial foils. This is where your Bliss colour expert will add a lot more foils to add more colour and interest to your hair style. This is a great technique for adding highlights or lowlights to your hair.

A full head of foils is where we add colour across your hair – either sliced or woven through your locks.  We can add as many colours as you wish, creating bold rainbow hair or a natural looking colour.


Full Head of Hair Colour

If you’re after one colour all over, our colour technicians can apply an all-over colour to the full head.  We have virtually unlimited hair colours to choose from including classic blondes, brunettes and reds to bolder pastel colours and bright fashion hues. 

Balayage / Ombre / Colour Melts

Our expert colourists use a freehand technique to create the latest balayage, ombre and colour melt looks.   A typical ombre look is where the top of your hair fades into a lighter shade at the tips, whether this be brunette to blonde ombre or red to pink ombre!  The look can be as bold or as subtle as you wish!

Balayage gives you a more sun-kissed look with highlights painted onto your hair – usually around the face, with a few well-placed colours woven throughout your hair.

A new take on the ombre trend is the colour melt. This is where you Bliss colour expert melt or blend colours so they look like they are melting in to one another. 


Colour Glossing

We can add shine to your hair using the glossing hair colouring technique. This semi-permanent hair colour gently conditions hair whilst adding depth and works equally well on virgin hair or hair that has been coloured. Glossing can be used to add tone to your hair colour and even camouflage grey hair.  It lasts a few washes before returning your hair to its normal colour.


Want mermaid hair to splash all over Instagram? Choose our paintbox hair colouring technique to achieve your rainbow hair goals, with all colours of the rainbow available to create a bold look.

Note: this semi-permanent hair colour must be applied to pre-lightened hair.



Hair Contouring

You’ve heard of facial contouring, where you can create razor-sharp looking cheekbones with some well-placed blusher… well now we bring you hair contouring!  Our Bliss experts will use a free-hand technique to apply light and dark tones to flatter your face shape and show off your best features. This bespoke colouring service is a popular trend. 

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