How Easy Is It To Change Your Hair Colour?

Changing Your Hair Colour at Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough

Are you a brunette who’s always wondered if blondes really do have more fun? Maybe you’ve been yearning to be more on trend and want to stand out with a silver grey hair colour… oo you want to go red to match your fiery personality?

If you’ve been considering changing your hair colour – drastically or not – then this article is for you. Here, we look at how easy it is to transform your hair colour. While changing your hair colour by a few of shades can be done in one appointment, a more dramatic colour change will take several sittings…

Our team is highly trained in hair colour, with a complete understanding of hair colour, colouring techniques and how your hair will respond to colour.  

But, before you make the Big Change, think about the upkeep needed for your new hair colour and consider whether it will suit you. Maybe try holding some fabric of the same shade close to your skin to see which one looks best, or even download a hair colouring app to see which colour suits you. Better still? Book in for a hair colour consultation with our professionals by calling us on the links below:

Going From Brunette to Blonde

fashion hair colour transformations at bliss hair salons in nottingham and loughboroughYou can’t just go from brunette to blonde overnight, especially if you want to go from very dark to very light.

It may take two or more appointments to achieve the blonde look that you want as we will need to pre-lighten your hair before applying the blonde shade that you desire.

Also, our colour specialists will need to assess the condition of your hair before determining the best way to proceed.

But at least when it’s done you’ll finally be able to find out if blondes really do have more fun!

Changing Your Hair Colour From Blonde to Red or Brunette

red hair colour transformation, hair salons, loughborough & nottinghamIf your hair has been bleached blonde then it may need to be pre-treated with a deep conditioning treatment to ensure that it’s in good condition to allow for further colouring.

We may suggest a gradual colour change by adding in some lovely lowlights, or opting for a balayage look.

This allows a chance for you to get used to your darker look before making the leaping and changing your hair colour from blonde to red, brunette or another colour of your choice.


Fashion Hair Colour Transformations

fashion hair colour transformations at bliss hair salons in nottingham and loughboroughAs with all major hair colour transformations, a colour change from brunette to red or blonde to red will may take longer than your usual hair colouring appointment time to achieve.  The health of your hair is of the highest importance to us and we will be honest with you about what can be achieved and how long it will take.  

If you fancy a beautiful fashion hair colour such as pink or lilac, the colour intensity will depend on the base colour of your hair.  For example, very blonde or white hair will display a magenta colour much more obviously than if it that colour were applied to darker hair. But don’t let that stop you from standing out of the crowd! We will do whatever we can here at Bliss Hair Salons to help you achieve the colour you want.

Book a Hair Colour Appointment at Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham or Loughborough

The benefits of having a beautiful colour transformation are endless, so what’s stopping you?! Book your hair colour appointment now at our Nottingham or Loughborough hair salons by calling us on the links below or book securely online using the button to the side of this page. 

Please note: All hair colour bookings will require a skin patch test 48 hours before your appointment so please contact us to arrange this after making your booking.

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