1920_1930_hairstylesSteph, our dynamic young stylist from Bliss Nottingham embarked on the start of her yearlong adventure with the Saks Art Team – she was given this exciting opportunity as she was an award winner in the training category at our annual Bliss Oscars Awards.

This time the focus was all on vintage hair which included training in finger waving with a strong 1920’s & 1930’s feel.

Here is Steph’s record of this exciting day below:

Darlington ­ Monday 17th August 2015 – day 1:

I travelled up to & arrived in Darlington on the Sunday night where I stopped in a hotel and woke to travel ready for a 10 o’clock start.

1931_hats_hairI got introduced to the rest of the team and then started looking at 1920s and 1930s hair in books. I was really nervous beforehand, but everyone was so friendly I soon relaxed & we immediately got started with research to select a look from either the 1920s or 1930s.

Back in the class room with our chosen style in mind, we moved on to working on real hair where we cut & styled the hair to match our earlier findings.

I chose a 1920’s bob and then did a finger­wave to style it after.

See the images below for the results:

I’m really happy to have this opportunity as it’s boosted my confidence while adding to my hairdressing skills Look out for what I get up to next!

Steph X

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