Colour Correction

Bliss Hair in Loughborough & Nottingham – Hair Colour Correction Experts

hair colour correction, loughborough and nottingham hair salonsAt Bliss Hair we understand that a hair colour disaster is stressful, frustrating and upsetting. 

If you’ve experienced a hair colour issue elsewhere, please book in to Bliss Hair where one of our expert colour technicians can help.  We are fully trained in hair colour correction so can inspect your hair and advise on the best course of action. 

Please do not be tempted to add hair dye on top of your hair colour as this can make the problem worse.  Instead, call us as soon as possible so we can arrange a complimentary hair colour consultation.

It is not as simple as applying a new shade over the top if you want to change the colour of your hair.  Depending on whether your hair has been lightened by the sun, or there is a build-up of hair colourants there will be root re growth in your hair’s natural colour.

Assessing each individual area of your hair is important to correct your hair colour problem. This will mean dealing with each strand individually using different techniques, colours and tones on each section of hair.

We can correct highlights that are too brassy or yellow or sort out unsightly bands of hair colour that have overlapped.

Our expertly trained hair colour stylists deal with these kind of hair colour problems all the time. We have the hair colour skills and experience to correct your hair colour disaster, giving you back beautiful hair colour results.

Olaplex Hair Repair Treatments for Coloured Hair

We can also introduce you to the incredible Olaplex hair repair treatment which is the perfect solution if your hair is dry and brittle.  It can be added to your hair colouring process to avoid breakage and give you stronger and healthier hair.  Find out more about Olaplex here.