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This is the Bliss Guide to Hair Colours with LOTS of great photos taken in our salons. Real people with real Hair Colours

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Red Hair Colour fashions

RED Hair colourFor many red and orange hair colours are the hottest hair fashion.

Warm red hair tones are great for adding some heat to your hairdo. For Spring & Summer red hair colour think rich bright Auburn, deep burnished copper, dark brunette, hot chocolate, creamy caramel and flashes of bolder Aubergine and Beetroot.

In our red hair gallery, you can find the hottest hair shades including: auburn, copper, ginger, tangerine, orange & rust.

Purple red hair colours include damson, plum, aubergine, burgundy & more recently oxblood.

Titian red, electric copper & pillar-box red hair are not for the faint hearted, but are guaranteed to turn heads at any time of the year.

Blonde Hair Colour ideas

BLONDE hair colourBlonde hair colours are great for giving you an all-over glow, but it is important to choose the right blonde to suit your skin-tone. Your Bliss Colour expert will guide you on the best hair colour for you and can advise on full-head, block-colour, highlights and lowlights.

Our galleries are full of the must have lighter colours which range from natural, warmer blondes, strawberry blonde, beige blonde & platinum blonde.

Honey blonde hair colours look really natural & are great for low maintenance salon hair colouring. We love working with a variety of warm shades to achieve this look including toffee, caramel & butterscotch.

Platinum blonde hair colour is a timeless classic. Always a winner for paler skin tones, this look has always screamed ‘Hollywood Royalty’. Platinum blondes can range from ice cool silver blonde, to pale pink blonde, ash blonde & lilac blonde. This is definitely a hair colour that should always be done in a salon.

While classic strawberry blonde is always popular, we now offer many versions of this ranging from pale pink blonde, lilac blonde, pastel blonde and any other shade you can think of. Current Bliss favorites are peachy blonde tones; silver blonde & sheer platinum’s white blondes.

Dark Hair Colours

DARK hair coloursThink blondes have more fun? Check out these sultry dark hair colours in our gallery and think again.

The best hair colour shades right now for brown and black hair are completely natural with an intense brunette edge. It’s all about enhancing brown hair colour at the moment, which can be natural or extreme. Just try taking your hair a little lighter to softer milk chocolate brown, or a little darker to plain chocolate brown if you want the celebrity look for brunette hair.

Natural brown hair colour can really bring out their skin tone & especially eye colour as it makes the whites of the eyes stand out more.

Lighter brown shades include creamy caramel & natural light brown – very flattering for most skin tones especially when lighter colours are added around the face. For a beach brown use shades of sand blended with natural, warm highlights, which gives a sunny look to really perk up any complexion. Highlights are not streaky, but barely sun kissed.

Warm brown hair can be worn by just about anyone, chestnut & red gold add dimension, making hair look richer and more chocolaty. Dark brown all over colour with caramel lights can really frame the face.

Honey brown is good for someone with fairer features or those who don’t like to wear too much make up – gold and honey shades blended over natural medium brown for no commitment roots.

Mahogany brown hair colour is really good if you don’t want a commitment as it can be achieved with a temporary colour.

On darker hair we use shades ranging from chocolate brown, rich brown, purple toned brown & very dark brown to give a multi toned rich brown hair colour that is definitely not mousey.

Smoky brown hair colour is off black. It’s not the darkest shade of brown and again can be applied as a commitment free colour if you are unsure.

Black hair can be pulled off if you have the right skin tone or look. You can always go darker later easily if you are happy to be more extreme.

Fashion Hair Colour for bold statements

Creative-ColourGet creative hair colour put together by our team with you in mind.

Go as vibrant or as subtle as you dare & let us show you all the best hair colour ideas &  looks starting with a peek at our creative hair colour gallery. You can see more hair colours we love by checking out our pinterest page.

Men’s Hair Colour

mens-colourGuys – get the right hair color & show off a little more of your personality.

Men’s hair colour can be a really good choice for men who do not want to look like everyone else. Be a true original, check out our gallery of natural looking shades & don’t miss our pinterest page of men’s hairstyles we love.

Grey & Silver Hair Colours


At Bliss, we like to celebrate beauty, sophistication & authenticity in people of all ages. The fun loving females in this gallery celebrate living agelessly & all have their own beauty & charm. We want to use adventure in our hairdressing at Bliss that brings out our clients youthful spirit & that is why silver blondes & grey hair colours can look amazing on the right skin tone.

As soon as lots of women discover their first grey hairs, they often rush to get rid of the dreaded first signs of ageing. But, stars like Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga colour every hair on their heads shades of silver blonde or grey with dramatic results. On the right person, grey actually has its very own beauty and charm. This gallery shows you all the exciting & different ways you can wear silver blonde or grey hair. Check out our pinterest page for more ageless inspiration:

For more about hair colour services, take a look at our hair colour for inspiration.