Bliss Hairdressing Ltd has a skin testing procedure in place to protect us and more importantly our clients from adverse reactions to the chemicals and ingredients in hair colour. You do not need an appointment for our skin test, which is usually applied, discreetly behind your ear with a cotton wool bud. Should you experience any discomfort, tingling or reaction, clean the skin gently with warm water & inform us as soon as possible.

The reason you need to have a skin test at least 48 hours before your colour application is becausein particular circumstances the most severe form of hypersensitivity is a cell-mediated reaction that can take at least 48 hours to develop.

Reactions and skin complaints from hair colorant are rare, but as a salon our duty of care is to protect you prior to any colour application you wish to have with us. There has been an increase in reactions in recent years and many people develop hypersensitivity or allergies to things they never had a problem with before. The same is true for hair colour – you can develop a reaction at any time in your life. Certain medications can make some individuals react to hair colour others may suppress reactions.

Thank you for your understanding & co-operation with the above.