beckyBecky has worked at Bliss Hair Salon for 11 years having come from a sales/reception background.

Originally holding a Front of House position, she now works solely in our head office dealing with all the financial & administrative aspects of Bliss while overseeing the HR & other aspects of the company.

Salon Director Nick Tedd says: “Becky is my ‘right hand woman’ at Bliss (I have several), but I never make a big decision without running it past her as she has experienced all the ups & downs at my side & been through it all right next to me.

“She is always down to earth, practical & objective in her role – which makes us a good partnership as I am the opposite! I am sure it keeps us very young as, just when we think we have seen it all, something comes along to remind us we haven’t!

“She recently returned from maternity leave after having her daughter & I’m delighted to have her back. Becky is truly a hairdresser in spirit & has been instrumental in driving Bliss to where it is today. Thank you Becky.”