Charlotte – Apprentice / Colour Technician  
Charlotte moved from Leeds to join the Bliss team where she proved herself to be an asset straight away. She’s sailing through her apprenticeship as a fast-track student & works alongside the Nottingham team as a creative colour technician. 

Get To Know Charlotte

Bliss Salon Location : Nottingham
How long have you been in hairdressing : 7 months
What attracted you to the hairdressing industry : I like to be creative and love talking to different people
Favourite thing about working at Bliss : working with the girls and the great atmosphere
Favourite Food : Chinese food
Favourite Colour : Pink
Favourite Drink : Dr Pepper
Favourite Holiday Destination : Lanzarote
Favourite Animal : Dogs 
Favourite Music : Pop
Favourite Films : Comedy
Favourite Book : Anything!
Favourite TV show : Friends
Favourite Celeb Style : Molly Mae
Favourite Magazine : Hello!
Hair Icon : Ben Brown
Fun Facts We May Not Know About You : I’m big football fan, I also love going to see Olly Murs