sarahSarah is the longest serving member of staff at Bliss Hair Salon in Nottingham.  She has been with us for 14 years! Sarah came straight from school as an apprentice in Loughborough and has worked her way up the Bliss career ladder to Salon Manager at our Nottingham salon.

Sarah has worked in all branches of Bliss, including the now defunct original salon on Park Road in Loughborough.  She was instrumental in opening the Nottingham hair salon in Sherwood 11 years ago.

A well-known face in the Sherwood community, Sarah has an extremely loyal clientele who all returned to her after maternity leave.  She loves creating glamorous blow dries and is the special occasion hair & blow dry queen of Sherwood.

Owner Nick Tedd says: “Taking everything in her stride – nothing ever seems a problem for Sarah.  She is known for her calm, laid back personality. We always know what we are going to get with Sarah as she is very consistent.  Sarah left to have a beautiful baby girl and I’m really happy she has now returned from maternity leave to re-join the team in Nottingham.  Sarah is a true part of the Bliss family & I’m really happy you are here.”

Sarah @work

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