Caring For Your Hair During Lockdown

Helping to Fix Your Lockdown Hair Problems at Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough

Another lockdown was not the way we envisioned 2021 starting but Team Bliss have found a way to brighten your lockdown locks! We are planning to open the Sherwood and Loughborough town centre salons once a week starting on Saturday 6th February.

You will be allocated a time slot between 12 noon and 1pm to pop into the salon to collect your favourite products or ask advice about which ones will help your hair concerns. All items must be paid for by contactless methods and safety guidelines followed at all times. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch! In the meantime, do any of these hair issues sound like you? We may have the perfect solution for you....

Salon Fresh Hair Colour During Lockdown?

Fabuloso Conditioner Bliss Hair SalonsIs your colour looking flat and lifeless since the Bliss Salons have been closed? EVO Fabuloso colour intensifying conditioner is the perfect way to boost your hair colour while also nourishing it to beautiful condition.

One of our top products for colour clients in the salon, this one-step, at-home colour boosting treatment instantly refreshes/tones, revives and adds shine to colour treated hair.

EVO Fabuloso comes in stunning colours including caramel, purple red, copper, light beige and chestnut to enrich your colour and preventing fade. Ask your Bliss colour expert which one is perfect for you hair colour and picks yours up on Saturday!



Nourish Dry Lockdown Locks at Home

Moroccanoil Oil, Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and LoughboroughDid you complete Dry January? Well done if you did, unless the only thing that was dry was your parhed hair!

Moroccanoil® is a nourishing formula which injects protein into your hair and is infused with antioxidants and nutrients that provide dramatic results for coloured, dry, damaged and frizzy locks. 

The range has grown from the classic Moroccanoil® treatment and now includes shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and styling products. There are products designed for fine, medium, thick & curly hair that will hydrate your hair, control frizz, add volume & balance your scalp.

If you need help in deciding which Moroccanoil® product is right for you, please consult your Bliss Hair stylist.


Frizzy Hair

Colour WOW Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and LoughboroughUsing hair colour chemicals can leave hair porous and vulnerable to humidity. Moisture gets in – hair gets puffy, frizzes out! Enter Dream Coat, the newest in waterproof protection for hair. 

This heat-activated product works to compress, tighten and seal hair strands, sheathing every strand in a light, imperceptible “raincoat” that repels moisture, leaving your hair sleek, smooth and super silky.

Unlike other products that promise to be humidity resistant, Dream Coat will not leave build up, won’t weigh your hair down or leave it looking greasy. The effects of Dream Coat will last up to 3 washes or in our lockdown experience, the next couple of weeks!

Best of all, this product gives you salon sleek hair in the comfort of your own home.


Wella Colour Masks

Are you looking for a deep conditioning, colour depositing hair mask? Of course you are! Step forward Wella Colour Masks which can maintain and even transform your colour at home - with no pesky box dye in sight! 

These masks are silicon free and contain zero animal derived ingredients so they're kind to your hair and animals!

This lightweight formula leaves your hair deeply conditioned, silky smooth and beautifully coloured with results visible in as little as ten minutes!

The Wella Colour Masks come in 11 different shades from natural looking blondes to deep blues for the brave at heart! Available to collect from your local Bliss salon. 

Wella Colour Masks, Bliss Hairdressing Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough
Wella Colour Masks, Bliss Hairdressing Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough
Wella Colour Masks, Bliss Hairdressing Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough

OLAPLEX and Colour Protection? This Product is the (Colour) Bomb!

Olaplex Bomb, Hair Colour Protection at Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and LoughboroughOlaplex is a revolutionary hair care and repair treatment that you can have in-salon at any one of our three Bliss Hair Salons.  It can be added to the hair colouring process to strengthen and protect your hair, or used as a stand-alone product when you are having your hair washed. 

Carry on the Olaplex magic at home with a range of at home conditioners, including OLAPLEX No 3 Hair Perfector, a silky once a week at home treatment to maintain the strength of your hair bonds between salon visits. Not only that but our Bliss hair colour experts have created the OLAPLEX COLOUR BOMB - a mixture of OLAPLEX No 3 and your very own Bliss customised hair colour.

We keep detailed records of the colours you have in our salons so we can create a bespoke colour bomb to nourish your hair and refresh your hair colour. Use as a leave-in, overnight treatment or as a luxe 10-minute pre-wash treatment and see the incredible results for yourself. 


How To Get Your Allocated Time Slot at a Bliss Salon

Simply fill out the form below & we will get back to you to arrange your time slot. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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