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Rejuvenate Your Hair : Top Tips from Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham & Loughborough

The summer months and holidays might have left your hair feeling a bit lacklustre, but fear not! Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough are here to provide expert solutions to restore your hair's vitality. 

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Hair Colour Correction

If your hair colour has faded, or even taken on a green tinge, due to summer sun and pool chlorine, the skilled colourists at Bliss Hair Salons have you covered. Our personalised approach ensures we understand your vision and address any colour concerns. The Bliss colour correction specialists take the time to understand your needs and tailor solutions for you.

We can correct uneven tones or brassiness, giving you stunning hair colour once more. As part of our commitment to your hair's well-being, we offer customised aftercare advice and product recommendations, enabling you to maintain the brilliance of your corrected colour between salon visits.

Liz Glossy Hair Colours at Sister Bliss Hair Salons in Loughborough

Restore Hair With Olaplex

Sun, sea, and sand can leave your hair feeling dry and fragile. The solution? Olaplex salon treatments, a true miracle worker in restoring hair health.

At Bliss Hair Salons, we love Olaplex for its ability to rebuild broken hair bonds and infuse strands with newfound strength. Our luxurious Olaplex salon treatment not only addresses damage but also replenishes your hair's moisture and shine. Beyond the transformative effects, our treatment provides a moment of relaxation, allowing you to unwind as your hair undergoes a rejuvenating process.

Olaplex Hair Treatments at Bliss Hair Salons

Haircuts to Remove Split Ends

Split ends are a common post-summer issue, but the expert stylists at Bliss Hair Salons have the solution to restore your hair's natural beauty.

Our experienced stylists employ their precision skills to create a bespoke haircut that not only removes split ends but also complements your unique style. Regular trims are key to preventing the reappearance of split ends, promoting healthy hair growth while maintaining your desired look. The Bliss stylists will share invaluable tips and product recommendations to keep your hair polished and split-end-free until your next visit.

Remove Split Ends Nottingham Loughborough

Wella Blondor Plex For Brilliant Blondes

For those with blonde hair, maintaining the health, tone and shine of your blonde can be a challenge, particularly after a summer holiday. Enter Wella Blondor Plex, your blonde hair's new best friend:

The Wella Blondor Plex treatment goes beyond lifting and brightening blonde shades; it also nourishes and fortifies your hair, leaving it beautifully revitalised. With our expertise, we guarantee a flawless application that will exceed your expectations. To ensure the longevity of the treatment's effects, we'll guide you on the best ways to care for your newly revived blonde hair, including product recommendations from the Wella line.

Healthy Blonde Hair in Nottingham Loughborough

Book Your Post Summer Hair Appointment at Bliss Hair Salons

Summer adventures may have taken a toll on your hair, but Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough are here to help you look and feel fantastic once more! Book your appointment online today and experience the transformation that our expert touch can bring to your hair, turning post-summer worries into a blissful hair journey.