How to Add Volume to Thin Hair

short-hairstyle-ladies-layered-fringe-cut new stylesDo you have fine hair? Are you looking for more volume? If you have fine hair that looks limp and flat we’d recommend you try some of the great products and treatments  we have for sale at our Bliss Hair Salons.

We highly recommend the evo® range of luxurious, innovative and sensible hair care solutions.  They use the highest quality ingredients which are designed to tackle your thinning or limp hair problems.

In fact, all you need to do to find out more is ask Bliss owner Nick Tedd because he swears by evo®’s Haze Styling Powder which can be applied to dry hair any time without the need for heat to create volume and texture. It’s brilliant because you can reactivate more volume or texture simply by rubbing your hair!

If it’s volume you’re looking for, try the evo® Gluttony Shampoo, Gluttony Conditioner and Root Canal Base Support Spray. We also love the Water Killer Dry Shampoo which helps prevent damage to hair caused by washing and blow drying… and it can be used at a texturising styling spray too.  And while we’re talking about texture, let’s not forget evo®’s Mister Fantastic Texture Spray which provides thermal protection, plumps hair and adds texture all at the same time.

 How to Make Thin Hair Look Full of Volume

  •  Adding shorter layers to your haircut to help it feel fuller
  • Using products which target fine hair and/or oily hair to add volume into fine hair
  • Avoid touching your hair too much throughout the day or running your hands through it – this will encourage oily build up which can weigh it down
  • Consider hair extensions for the wow factor!  We offer a hair extensions service at Bliss and we only use the highest quality, ethically sourced Racoon International hair extensions.

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