What Makes Bliss The Best Hair Salons?

Why Are Bliss The Best Hair Salons in Nottingham and Loughborough?

In these times of uncertainty, we are pleased to be here to help support our loyal Bliss customers in the same ways that you have supported us.  As we enter into another lockdown we are looking at the ways that Team Bliss have worked so hard during the last year to ensure the health and safety of our clients, alongside creating sensational hair colours and styles!

We hope that it won’t be long until we can re-open the doors at the Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham & Loughborough and welcome you back with (socially distanced) open arms!

Team Bliss – Working Hard to Keep You Safe

Bliss Screens, Covid Safety, Lockdown Safety at Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham & LoughboroughTeam Bliss have worked tirelessly to ensure that COVID safety precautions are adhered to AT ALL TIMES across our three hair salons.

The whole team have worked longer hours to ensure clients can be seen in a socially distanced way, have scrubbed and sanitised work stations (and the salons!) in between each visit and have even changed their clothes in the morning and evening to ensure that they have not brought any germs into the salon.

I’m sure you’d all agree that they deserve a huge round of applause for rising to the occasion as well as they have whilst still consistently creating sensational hair results for their customers. 

COVID Safety – The Bliss Salons Earn Recognition From Council 

Local councils were sending out Health & Safety officers to perform spot checks following the reopening of salons in the summer. Each of our salons were subject to these spot checks and each time we scored a fantastic 10/10! We hope that this official recognition will help alleviate any concerns that you may have around visiting the hair salons – you’re probably safer at Bliss than your local park!

What Our Customers Say

We always love hearing from our beautiful Bliss clients but no time more so than following the last lockdown, hearing how safe you felt visiting the salons made us feel incredibly appreciated and happy!

“Bliss : Best hair salon ever. I\’m always thrilled with my hair do when I\’ve been to Bliss. Extra big well done and thank you to the Bliss staff at the moment, no sooner was Lockdown 2 announced when I got a call from Bliss to rearrange my appointment that fell in lockdown. 48 Hours later after a super friendly, very COVID-19 secure visit to Nottingham Bliss I have an awesome new haircut.”

Your Appointment at Bliss Hair Salons in Nottingham & Loughborough

BLISS GIFT CARDSIf you had an appointment booked at Bliss Hair Salons during the projected lockdown times please do not worry. Our team will be in touch with you when we have our re-opening dates, with rebooking your appointments as a priority. Our online booking is currently closed. 

If you did not have an appointment booked but would like to be added to our priority list for when we open the doors, you can purchase a Priority Gift Card to be used on your next visit.

All gift cards purchased during lockdown will be added to a priority list for appointments. Pick up your Priority Gift Card here



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